Legal aid lawyers with laptops

Wow. We have created a good problem. We equipped 5 advocates with laptops, aircards, portable printers and scanners.

They like the set-up.

They have access to the internet-based CMS. They can fully serve clients on outreach and while circuitriding, work while they travel, avoid late nights or weekends at the office.

The other 70 or so lawyers are envious. It’s a problem. A good problem.


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One Response to Legal aid lawyers with laptops

  1. Jimmy Midyette says:

    That is a good problem to have. I’d begin looking at 86’ing desktops in favor of laptops with externals. Well, not 86’ing, per se. Just rotating laptops in as replacement machines in due course.

    No, you probably won’t get to the point of providing 70ish aircards… (wow!) But 70ish laptops aren’t out of the question if they’re doing duel-duty as both desktop replacements and untethered-happy-coworker-enhancers.

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