State Bar Mentoring Program seminar on the horizon

The State Bar of Georgia Transition into Practice Program (TIPP) will present another seminar for newly-admitted attorneys on April 12th at the State Bar Conference Center.  The CLE program will cover online resources for beginning lawyers, professionalism, nontraditional legal careers, and negotiation skills.

The State Bar Pro Bono Project will address online resources for beginning lawyers.  Pro bono is, and always has been, a law practice management issue.  Over the past several years, the Pro Bono Project has developed a unique set of web resources and tools, many of which target younger lawyers who need manuals, outlines, and other practice aids.  The mentoring program is a superb way to reach out to new lawyers to talk about pro bono and to demonstrate how legal aid and pro bono programs are perfect support organizations for new attorneys.

The Bar’s TIPP or “mentoring program” is a mandatory program for newly-admitted lawyers.

The core of the Program is to match beginning lawyers, after admission to the Bar, with a mentor during their first year of practice.   The purpose of the Program is to afford every beginning lawyer newly admitted to the State Bar of Georgia with meaningful access to an experienced lawyer equipped to teach the practical skills, seasoned judgment, and sensitivity to ethical and professionalism values necessary to practice law in a highly competent manner.


About ProBonoGA

Lawyer and justice architect wannabe... I am the pro bono director for Georgia Legal Services Program and direct a program that is funded by GLSP and the State Bar of Georgia. I am a lawyer licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia, and not in any other jurisdiction. Nothing posted on this blog should be considered legal advice. Your use of this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship with me. I do not have an active legal practice and do not have clients. I am not using this site to market to clients. I do not recommend attorneys or law firms. If I reference an attorney or a law firm in this blog, I do so to tell a story, make a point, or urge you to think about an issue presented by that attorney or law firm.
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2 Responses to State Bar Mentoring Program seminar on the horizon

  1. Kim says:

    Do you have more information on this seminar on April 12th or can you point me in the right direction to get info?

  2. ProBonoGA says:

    You can locate this CLE program at You can also contact Ebony at the State Bar of Georgia Transition into Practice Program,, 1-800- 334-6865. Thanks for checking us out.

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