Technola’s pro bono updates on National Volunteer Week

See what pro bono programs are doing to recognize National Volunteer Week.  Visit Technola’s site and read: Celebrate National Volunteer Week.


About ProBonoGA

Lawyer and justice architect wannabe... I am the pro bono director for Georgia Legal Services Program and direct a program that is funded by GLSP and the State Bar of Georgia. I am a lawyer licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia, and not in any other jurisdiction. Nothing posted on this blog should be considered legal advice. Your use of this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship with me. I do not have an active legal practice and do not have clients. I am not using this site to market to clients. I do not recommend attorneys or law firms. If I reference an attorney or a law firm in this blog, I do so to tell a story, make a point, or urge you to think about an issue presented by that attorney or law firm.
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2 Responses to Technola’s pro bono updates on National Volunteer Week

  1. Kate says:

    Mike – Thank you for pointing people to our post. This is a great opportunity for people to look at what other sectors are doing to celebrate and recognize their volunteers to get ideas for the 2010 Pro Bono Celebration.

    And amazing post today! ( – K

  2. ProBonoGA says:

    Good idea. October is right around the corner. Bar associations don’t meet during the summer months!

    Thanks re: the blog post.

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