HUD Housing News for Georgia

HUD’s releases study ‘Costs Associated with First-Time Homelessness for Families and Individuals’ which examines how much it costs to house and serve homeless individuals and families.

Last month, HUD launched a ground-breaking national study of housing discrimination against members of the LGBT community in the sale and rental of housing.  HUD  wants to hear from community members about their views on the key areas where housing discrimination takes place and is looking for suggestions on how best to execute the study.  To submit comments go to

In March, HUD awarded Georgia $906,867 in funding under the Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency Program (HCV/FSS).  Local housing authorities use the funding to hire family self-sufficiency coordinators to link adults in the Housing Choice Voucher program to local organizations that provide job training, childcare, counseling, transportation and job placement.  Here are some examples of where the money is going in Georgia:

Housing Authority of Columbus                   $45,450

Housing  Authority  of  Newnan                   $17,000

Housing  Authority  of  Savannah                $136,000

Housing  Authority  of   Augusta,                $225,399

Housing  Authority of  Carrollton                $55,892

Housing  Authority 0f  Brunswick               $42,517

[Article contributed by Susan Reif, Housing Law Specialist Attorney for Georgia Legal Services Program]

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