Lawyers for the poor scarce in rural Georgia: More on the story

I have updated information on where in Georgia you may have difficulty finding a lawyer for the kind of civil legal problem you may have. If you can’t afford a lawyer, and need pro bono or “low bono’ help, you will certainly be challenged to find a lawyer for your “day in court”.

In the normal situation in which you hire a lawyer, your representative will certainly be accustomed to travel across county lines. On a pro bono basis, the lawyer may be less inclined to travel to meet you or travel to a courthouse in a neighboring or distant county. Further, many low-income families have limited travel options and resources to even make an initial visit to hire a lawyer. Most of rural Georgia lacks public transportation.

Where the lawyer’s office is located is important and a determining factor in your ability to find critical legal help.

Here is a map of Georgia that lays out the counties with no or few lawyers. And remember: if your county has a handful of those lawyers, it may be that not even one of them can help you because of a conflict or because the lawyer is a judge, a public defender, or in another position that does not allow her to represent you. It may even be that no one in the county handles the kind of legal problem you have, even if there are sufficient lawyers.


About ProBonoGA

Lawyer and justice architect wannabe... I am the pro bono director for Georgia Legal Services Program and direct a program that is funded by GLSP and the State Bar of Georgia. I am a lawyer licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia, and not in any other jurisdiction. Nothing posted on this blog should be considered legal advice. Your use of this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship with me. I do not have an active legal practice and do not have clients. I am not using this site to market to clients. I do not recommend attorneys or law firms. If I reference an attorney or a law firm in this blog, I do so to tell a story, make a point, or urge you to think about an issue presented by that attorney or law firm.
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