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Legal Services Lawyers in the Trenches

Lawyers for Poor Face Own Financial Struggles Advertisements

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Common Sense Musings about Justice Prosperity in Rural America

If you have legions of private attorneys, encourage them to provide pro bono services; if you do not have a significant pool of private attorneys, as is the case in most rural areas, do encourage those few attorneys you have … Continue reading

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Justice: A Virtue, and Distinguishable from “Charity”

But charity leads us to help our neighbour in his need out of our own stores, while justice teaches us to give to another what belongs to him. —

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Lawscape: A Jumping-Off Point: The Lay of the Land

Lawscape: A Jumping-Off Point: The Lay of the Land When is ensuring justice ever “charity”? Paragraph XII. “Right to the courts.”No person shall be deprived of the right to prosecute or defend, either in person or by an attorney, that … Continue reading

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